Infographic: The Dangers Of Payday Loans

The Dangers Of Payday Loans | Paul J. Pickering and Associates Limited | The Must See Trustee

The dangers of payday loans

  1. While there have been restrictions applied, currently lenders can charge up to fifteen dollars for every one hundred you borrow. It may not sound like a lot of money, but it is crippling, partially because…
  2. The cost of payday loans is compounded due to the fact that you are paying this fee with after tax dollars, further deteriorating your wealth. This is a critical cost that cannot be overstated, which leads to the fact that…
  3. Payday loans are a notoriously slippery slope. As you give more after tax dollars away in fees, you find yourself requiring payday loans more frequently, often causing you to increase the amount of the loan you are taking.
  4. We have seen a noticable and consistent increase of clients who get caught up in the ever increasing payday loan cycle and can not get off.
  5. If you find yourself getting multiple payday loans, contact us today. Consultations are free.


The Personal Experience From Your Office Was More Than To Be Expected. | Nov 21, 2016

I would like to express my appreciation to Paul Pickering’s office for the assistance given during my bankruptcy. I would also personally thank Don Baruth for his assistance and guidance and always answering questions immediately. The personal experience from your office was more than to be expected.Thank you again- L.W

About Us

“We started this business in 1990 to provide one on one financial solutions. We are here to help you through your solution with dignity, respect and the highest confidence in your future.”

Paul J. Pickering CPA CA CIRP LIT

Paul J. Pickering and Associates Limited (formerly Paul J. Pickering Limited) was founded in 1990 with the ideas and thought of helping individuals deal with personal debts and the process of financial rehabilitation.

Paul Pickering graduated from the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario in 1976. In 1980 Paul received his Chartered Accountants designation and his Trustee licence in 1988.

While working for a national insolvency firm, Paul saw the need of providing financial services on an individual basis without the structure of a large imposing firm. On November 1, 1990, the firm was born.

Since 1990, the firm has continued to provide one on one service to London and area. All facets of the Bankruptcy process or Proposal process are conducted within the office. Unlike other firms, we do not use contract facilities to provide the counselling required under the legislation.

All consultations are free of charge because we encourage people to understand the process. We leave the decision to the individual as to how they wish to resolve their financial situation.

Our goal is to treat everyone facing financial difficulty with dignity and respect.