A sigh of Relief

It's not an easy thing to admit that you are having financial difficulties, let alone publicly announce it for the world to see, but I thought that maybe my experiece would help someone who is struggling. As I said, it's not easy to admit that "you've failed". Your relationship has disintergrated, your income has been cut and now you're on your own trying to make ends meet and keep everyone happy. Creditors are calling and you dread looking at your mail because you know that there are notices awaiting you. I struggled for sometime, then was told about Paul and his staff. I figured that I had nothing to lose (everything was already gone, except my sanity, well...even that is debatable) I made the call to Paul Pickering's office and my first appointment was with Cavan (see Cavan, I told you I would write this) I found them all to be very warm, welcoming and very understanding. I found that instead of "shrinking" in embarassment, I was able to stand tall and be proud of who I am and what I was trying to do. Paul, Cavan and the rest of his staff are amazing people. They have always shown the upmost respect and understanding. They have answered all my questions, fears and concerns.

So, if you're wondering and you're worried where to turn when things just seem to be so overwhelming, take a chance on calling Paul's office. I'm sure it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

You might walk in with world on your shoulders, but you'll walk out standing tall.


Why did I wait so long

Marriage went in the toilet, tried to keep things together with bills etc, found that at the end of the day funds were short.

Paul was able to review my situation and assist me with a plan to get my head above water and to not go down that road again. My only regret was that I did not do it sooner.

His staff is experienced, professional, personable and they will provide you with a multitude of options that do not necessarily require you filing for bankruptcy. The staff also checks on you after you are done with the process.

I truly recommend you contact them, even if you just have questions.


Thank You

Dear Paul & Company, I was very happy with all the work you have all done for me and like you said, illness can take you out of the activity scene. I have told many friends how good I was treated through this whole ordeal.
I would also like to say I enjoyed every meeting and session that I attended.
Thank you,
Sincerely - A. M.


God Bless

Awesome! Your staff all are very good and have TLC along with professionalism. I appreciate all of you. I didn't want to go through this experience but life situation and bad health made it necessary. God Bless,
D. B.

D. B.

Thank you

With deepest thanks for all of your help, support and understanding through this difficult time!



We were very nervous about doing the bankruptcy but knew it had to be done. You made us feel like we didn't have to be ashamed because it happens to others too. Thank you for your help and now we can get started again. Little things you don't even think about can make a positive change in your life.

R & L

thank you

Feb 25 2014

With much gratitude and thank you to Paul Pickering and his wonderful staff.
Your professional care and kind understanding in a difficult situation was greatly appreciated
Every meeting and everyone that we were in contact with guided us through a very stressful and humbling time. They enabled us to find a way to get our situation under control with helpful hints and ways to manage our finances in the proper manner, which we shall follow for ever and for a better way of life. Your staff was incredible and we now have the tools and confidence to carry on in the way you have instructed us . Many thanks again for your help, when we thought there was no hope

Sincerely Thankful.....G and S


Very understanding and non-judgmental

Dear Staff of Paul J. Pickering Limited,
I would like to thank all of you for your excellent service throughout this difficult time. You were all very understanding and were non -judgmental throughout the whole process. You can’t possibly know how appreciative I am regarding the help and respect you gave me and getting me get back on my feet. THANK YOU!


Best thing I could do for myself & family

I feel great & that this was the best thing that I could do for myself & family. It is a good thing , it helps you get on your feet again & see what is important & how to save. I would recommend this for anyone needing help. It was a hard decision but now I am in a better place after doing it.


Thank- You

Thank-you to Mr. Pickering & all of the staff members that I dealt with for your professionalism. Bankruptcy is not an easy process & can be very embarrassing.



Thank you to all the staff at your office, they were great. I was scared at first but you made it easier. Thank you!


Helpful & Understanding

The staff at Paul J. Pickering Limited were very helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend your services to anyone! Thank you so much for helping me and showing me how to improve my finances.

M. S

Professional, Kind & Caring

Paul Pickering and all his staff were very professional, kind, caring and non judgmental- They made this transitional period more bearable.

S. M

Need Help? Call Paul's office!

From the moment you know you need help and call Paul's office, he and the people who work for him are there to make your journey as easy as they can for you. They are always friendly and helpful. Yours Sincerely,


Thank You

Thank You for answering all my questions and concerns with respect and not making me feel like a complete failure. Everyone I dealt with was polite and knowledgeable which helped with the process. Thanks again!


Very Empathetic

Very Empathetic- Made going through the experience very easy and painless. They were always available to answer questions and explain the process. Thank you for all your help!!!


many thanks, very understanding and helpful!!

We would like to thank Paul and all his staff for being very friendly and helping us through this tough time in our lives, we have learnt alot, but we are very grateful that we were directed to you, you made the process so much better, thanks again for all your help, we will be definitely recommending your office.


Very Helpful and Gave me Peace of Mind

The Paul Pickering office and to all there who helped me through this decision were very helpful and has let me have some peace of mind now, especially from where I was at before they helped me. It was the right decision for my circumstances and Paul and his employees have gave me a new life to begin again, and better knowledge of what I will do from this time and into the future. Thank you Paul and to your associates for all of your help and God Bless.

M. S

Most Thankful

We feel that we are being blessed with this bankruptcy, but even more with all the guys that work on it. We mean this office. Everybody is helpful, very kind, very friendly. Since the beginning, we placed our trust in them and they were very interested in our situation, not only economically, but emotionally and physically. We feel welcome all the time, their counseling was excellent and very helpful. At the beginning we were shy and confused , but in the end we are happy and very thankful with the people at your office. You guys were very professional and the most thoughtful. Thanks a lot and God bless all of you.

M & R

Thank you so much

To Paul J. Pickering and staff. I would like to take this time to thank you all with all the help you have done for me in the tough times I had before meeting you all. I hope I will never have to meet you again HA HA. Thank you so much! MB


Best Plan Ever

Going to Paul J. Pickering Limited for help was the best plan ever. They made you feel comfortable right from the beginning. Always helpful when you have question. Thank you all so much for helping. We will be forever grateful.

L. Q

Took Away Stress and Anxiety!

The office of Paul J. Pickering has been extremely helpful in the proceedings of my bankruptcy and took away the stress & anxiety of going through this trying time on my own. I appreciate the business end that they upheld while keeping my anxieties low key. I'm clear of all debt now and can enjoy the freedom they helped me achieve, along with the knowledge on staying this way. Thank you to the staff for your help.


Stress Off Of My Shoulders

I just want to say thank you for everything. You have taken a great deal of stress off my shoulders and you made life easy enough to move forward, on to a new start!


My True Life Saving

You agreed to listen to me and became my true life saving. You did it professionally and fantastically. Thanks a lot to everyone in your office who attended to me. -A .M

A. M

Thank You Everyone

I would like to thank Paul and all his staff for helping me get through this. Since I have gone through the bankruptcy, I have learned a great respect for money. I have taught myself how to live within my means. Thank You Everyone- M.S


I highly Recommend Paul J. Pickering Limited!

Everyone involved was super friendly. The entire process was explained to me in detail so that I understood completely what was going to occur and what was expected of me. I highly recommend Paul J. Pickering Limited to anyone and everyone in need of financial services. I will be referring everyone I know their way.
Thank You!


Takes the time to listen, and get to know you

Everyone involved was absolutely amazing.
I was always able to stop in visit or call, if I had questions. (As I always had Many of them)
They always offered guidance to help me in the future. Made me feel, I was not the only person going through a bankruptcy.
They took the time to get to know me as a person, not a paycheque.
I would recommend Paul Pickering and Staff to anyone that is going through hard times, or just need a little guidance to help make the proper decisions.


Helpful, Kind and Understanding

Paul Pickering and his staff were very helpful, kind and understanding. Not only did they help me with my bankruptcy but also help me to learn how to look after my money better. Understanding what you spend on just little things can make so much difference on what you can save. They also made sure that I wasn't hassled by collection agencies. Many thanks to Paul Pickering and his staff.



I appreciate the non-judgmental professional services received. The staff were all very friendly and helpful to me while I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Thank You


Positive Experience

Paul Pickering Ltd did a great job for us. We always were made to feel comfortable in a situation where you're not feeling very good. From the initial consultation, to meeting with Paul, to doing all our taxes. The counseling sessions were very helpful and the overall experience with Paul Pickering Ltd was positive. - Thanks


Thankyou! Paul J.Pickering and staff

Mr. Paul j. Pickering and staff were very friendly,helpful and prompt answering all the questions I had and helping me through these difficult times.
Many thanks to Paul J. Pickering and his great staff.-GA


Professional And Kind Services

Paul J. Pickering Limited was committed to providing professional and kind services, which in turn helped to change a very overwhelming and stressful time in my life. Thank You to all the staff at Paul J. Pickering Limited.


Keep Up The Good Work

Keep up the good Work!!
Don't hesitate to call me for a reference.


Compassion and Professionalism

You did great!
Your company took a difficult situation and made in an understandable process with compassion and professionalism.
Thank You.


Always Helpful and Kind

-Always Helpful and Kind
- Non judgmental
-Quick to answer any questions
-Went out of their way to help.
Thanks C.H


Compassionate and Respectful

Declaring bankruptcy was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. However, from the very first meeting until the completion of the bankruptcy process, I was treated with great compassion, dignity and respect by all of the members at Paul Pickering's office. I received great coaching during my counseling sessions that has enabled me to live better within my income.


Thank You For Being Understanding

I have been unfortunate to have had to claim bankruptcy twice and both times I used PJP LTD. My experience left me uplifted knowing people care about my actual situation and circumstances and I was never just a number. I had what I felt was a personal relationship with Brenda at PJP's office and she did everything to help and never judged. They're all fantastic- Thank you so much for your expertise and being understanding PJP LTD!


This was a Tough Decision

This was a tough decision by me to go bankrupt being on a disability pension and owning a home that I was forced to lose due to being unable to refinance my home due to the Revenue Canada claiming that I owed a lot of back taxes that I believe that weren't my debt. I went to Paul Pickering and Company and I was treated like a person. They helped me through my bankruptcy and were very good at keeping creditors off my back. I would recommend Paul Pickering to anyone in financial trouble.


Your Kindness Made All The Difference

The debt I acquired over the 20 years was mainly from just trying to keep a roof over my head and food on my table. I had left an abusive marriage and then went against doctor's orders not to go into the cleaning field with a Gr. 8 education, I had no other choice. 20 years later, my body& back gave out & put me in the hospital for 4 months. At 65 yrs of age, I had done all I could to stay one step away from being homeless & I was terrified. I am so grateful to Paul Pickering's company for showing me a way out. I was treated with compassion & respect & my fear subsided. I am now able to treat myself to K.F.C. if I want. That' s huge to me now, I could never do it before. Bills and debt took what little money I did make. Thank you to everyone at this office. Your kindness made all the difference. It was also a really bad time (x's100) because my son had just been killed a week earlier before I claimed bankruptcy. Compassion was what I needed & compassion was what I got.


Making a Difficult Time More Manageable

You helped make a very difficult time in my life much more manageable. I appreciated the helpful staff to direct us through this process. Thanks so much!



I got great service through my experience with Paul J. Pickering Limited. Thank you to everyone who helped me. This is an office I would recommend to anyone who needs a service like this. Once again, thank you very much.


Great Staff

Great Staff- Completely informed me of all aspects. Staff were very friendly and kind, gave great advice and I fell that I can handle my debt load without falling behind. Yours Sincerely- BG


Thank You All Very Much!

I would just like to take the time to thank everyone eat your office, especially Don Baruth. He really went above and beyond in order to help me and to ease the process of my bankruptcy. Thank you all very much.


Great Weight Lifted Off My Shoulders

If you find yourself only trying to delay the inevitable month after month, do yourself a favour and set up a free consultation at Paul J. Pickering. Once you know your options and how bankruptcy works, your decision will be much easier. The staff is very helpful, and after going through the process, a great weight is lifted off my shoulders and the related stress is gone. I now have the chance to start fresh and do things right, thanks to Paul J. Pickering.


Very Positive Experience

I had a very positive experience through out all stages off my consumer proposal. It was a very stressful time before coming into your office. Everyone in your office was kind and courteous. It was a very positive decision for my future. Thank You for everything and I have will continue to recommend your office to people who need your help as I did. Thanks again!


Thank You For Your Kindness And Support

My wife and I were always the kind of citizens who took pride in paying our debts in a timely fashion for over 40 years of family life. Having to declare Bankruptcy in our senior years was both embarrassing and devastating. However, Paul J. Pickering Limited made it bearable. We would like to thank Paul Pickering & staff for their kindness & support during our Bankruptcy-ordeal. Your dedication & expertise is commendable. At no time were we made to feel like failures or criminals. Thanks again and God Bless!


Thanks to the team

The Pickering team made a very unpleasant situation easier to deal with their empathy and good humour throughout the process. Every step I had to take was explained in a clear, logical fashion. Any questions I had were answered thoughtfully to make sure I understood everything involved. I was presented with solid, practical ideas for successfully managing my financial future. The team worked hard to ensure that I would not be a repeat customer.


Amazing team and experience

From the first minute they made me feel welcome and not on a different level for having to go bankrupt. They worked with my schedule and made the process extremely easy compared to what I thought it may have been. They made it easy to understand and worked with getting my life back in order to start a new life!! A million thank you's to such a great team!!!

Scott Rosborough

I Have My Life Back

This was a very positive experience for me. All persons in the office are very friendly and helpful and non-judgmental. I would recommend you to anyone having a need for these services. I have my life back. Thank You


Knowledge and Professionalism Was Exceptional.

The service I received was excellent. The knowledge and professionalism I received was exceptional. I would definitely recommend Paul J. Pickering Limited to anyone dealing with a financial crisis.


Freedom to Start Over

Thank You!! Thank You!!,
You are an "Impeccable TEAM" of very competent and caring professionals that do not judge. Thanks again!! Freedom to start over!! πŸ™‚
Sincerely, M.C



I felt confused, frightened, out of control, and alone. Paul and his team took me into their safe haven and guided me through this nightmare and stuck with me to the end. With their help I was able to make this journey feeling informed, self confident, and supported. I couldn't have done it without them! Thank you Team Pickering!


Thank You!

This process has been a wonderful experience. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful and it was always a pleasure to go in there. A tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders and at no time was I ever made to feel that I had done anything wrong.
Thank you to everyone for all the help given to me. I will highly recommend your office to anyone I know contemplating the same decision I had to make.
Thank you


Initially I Was Embarrassed and Humiliatedd

Dear Paul & Staff,
Initially I was embarrassed and feeling humiliated to have gotten myself in such a situation. My first meeting went well and by the end of it I felt relaxed and able to feel comfortable. The staff and Paul made me feel welcome and not alone. As unfortunate as my situation was, there were many in my shoes. I would recommend this company to anyone in need.
Thank You, S.G


Thanks for your help

Thanks for your help. You helped us sort through a financial mess that we really did not know what to do or how to extricate ourselves from. Being able to file a Consumer Proposal with your guidance and assistance enabled us to get our heads above water without being overwhelmed. We have been able to pay off this proposal and now may be able to buy a house. Thank You!


You will be treated like a real person

My experience with Paul Pickering Lt was very good. All of the employees are very polite and very helpful to me, I highly recommend Paul Pickering Ltd for Bankruptcy issues. They will not let you down and you will be treated like a real person, not just a number,


Always Very Helpful

As fun as it could be! Always very helpful. Any questions we had were answered right away.
Thank you!


Thank you for taking the stress out of my life

The whole team is amazing! Thank you for taking the stress out of my life. They were all kind and knowledgeable. I can't say enough great things about your company and employees. Thank you for all that you did for me, it is greatly appreciated.


Thank You

Thank you for assisting us with moving forward toward financial independence and responsibility.


Thank you

Thanks for so many things:
putting me at ease right away; helping me through the process; not letting me be embarrassed; working with respect towards me and last but not least - leading me into freedom! I truly am grateful


Calmed me down and gave me relief in my life

Thank you for your help. You all are kind beyond belief. Your help and caring calmed me down, and gave me relief in my life.
You guys are the best!
Your friend, M.A



Thanks so much for helping me out of the financial bind I was in, everything just snuck up, and let me tell you those cheque cashing places are the worst thing to get into.

You really helped us to see that we do not need those, and that we can get through the financial difficulty with a little extra planning.


treated with the utmost dignity and respect

I wish to express my thanks to you, Mr. Pickering & all of your staff who I was in contact with.
I was treated with the utmost dignity & respect with al procedures.
The Bankruptcy was a very difficult experience for me to approach but after speaking with you & putting me at ease, I was very comfortable with the way things went.
Thanks again to all of you.
With respect to you all, DF


Highly Recommended

I would & have highly recommended Paul Pickering to others who were in great financial stress. Every step of the way I felt they gave me 110% of their help. They really made me feel a lot less stress and taught me great strategies to get my finances back in order.


Dealing with debt

I would respect and highly recommended paul pickering to other who are in great financial stress and financial problem

I wish to express all my thanks to u and your office staff who support me and help me how to get out from this stress
and helping me to come to my normal life
thank you again and my respect to you all

Khaled ali awde

Move Forward and Start Fresh

Thank you for everything. Your office was wonderful to deal with. I can now move forward and start fresh!!


Treated us with Respect and Dignity

The company treated us with respect and dignity. You were a pleasure to work with in an unpleasurable situation. You are a stellar company.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart

The experience with and professional work done by Paul Pickering and staff was awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let god be with you and your family.


Thank you for your services

We would like to thank you for your services. We especially like to thank Cavan for his handling of the creditors when they were still harassing us.


Professional, friendly and Helpful

I found the company very professional, friendly and helpful. I was embarrassed to claim Bankruptcy but found the staff very accommodating.
I would recommend Paul J. Pickering Limited to anyone in need,
Thank You

F. H

Thank You for Your Support & for Caring.

Thank you so much for the support & caring you & your staff showed us. People don't set out to fail, but sometimes it happens.
We recommend you to anyone we meet.
Once again, Thank You!

M & W R.

This office help me get back on my feet!

This office of Paul. J. Pickering help me get back on my feet, a new start in life with a fresh look on saving and ensuring bills are paid. This office has helped build my self worth again.
Thank You!


They understood and made me feel that i was no onger alone

When I came into Paul Pickering's office for the first time, I had no idea what to expect and was feeling scared and so embarrassed. They understood and made me feel that I was no longer alone. I had help, and support. They made everything so easy and I learned a lot along the way about money and how not to get in this position again.


Thank you for helping us to break the cycle of debt.

We both appreciate the professionalism & compassion that was given to both of us during this very difficult process. Never, were we made to feel irresponsible or foolish in our mistakes. Grace & second chances & a fresh start is what we received. Thank you for helping us to break the cycle of debt.


Didn't make us feel guilty or embarrassed

We felt like our lives were at an end and we were very nervous. but everyone was so nice. They didn't make us feel guilty or embarrassed. Their explanations were clear and they offered many helpful hints to make our experience as smooth as possible. They took care of all the details so that we could concentrate on getting our lives back on track.

G.N & D.P

Everyone in your office is so kind and helpful, thank-you.

Thank-You so much for all your sound financial advice, understanding and non-judgmental attitude and support that has helped me so much throughout this bankruptcy process. I can't even describe the freedom I feel now that I have stopped and addressed my financial issues. I did not realize how much I was affected by the letters and calls from the collection agencies until I felt the freedom of not getting them. Everyone in your office is so kind and helpful, thank-you. I would not hesitate to recommend your office to others who are in challenging financial situations.


Very professional but also Understanding.

Thank you to everyone for making this difficult time bearable. Very professional but also understanding.
To all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
B & L

B & L

Very good at explaining how this works!

At first I was nervous but after meeting Don & staff, I felt comfortable. Don was very good at explaining how this works. My job let me down for what they did, but you picked me back-up to get back on track, so I thank-you very much !!
J. A

J. A

Everything Was Great!

Everything was great! Easy experience and very helpful in an uncomfortable situation. Definitely recommend this service and establishment to anyone who needs the help!


Thank you for your help!

I am satisfied with your service and glad it's all paid off. Thank you for your help and hope for a better future and no more debt.



From the moment I stepped into Paul's office, I was treated great and had a much easier time through my financial troubles. Thanks


You made it all much simpler to get a fresh start!

I just want to say Paul and your staff treated me like family. Every time I needed someone to talk to they listened. Thank-you. You made it all much simpler to get a fresh start.

R. S

I would recommend you to anyone if they need help.

When I first went for my visit, I was really stressed out. Don was amazing and got you to relax. I would recommend anyone if they need help. I just want to thank Paul and Don and the staff for the help I needed and help me budget better. Thanks so much for your time and Merry Christmas to all of you.


Thanks for trerating me like a member of your family

I want to thank you all for the quality and service that got rid of my stress and pressure throughout the procedure. While knowing that I wasn't alone, you also taught me how I can manage rest of my life without falling into the same mistakes. Again, thanks to all of Paul J. Pickering family for treating us like a member of their family.


Very Supportive and available to answer all my questions

Job loss, separation and bankruptcy forces you to reorganize every aspect of your life from parenting to car payments.
After the bankruptcy process, I am confident I can stay in budget and avoid future debt. A gift that will keep on giving!!
Don was very supportive and available to answer all my questions.
Thank you!

H. R

Excellent, Caring and Understanding Service and Support!

Excellent, caring and understanding service and support. This process was very embarrassing and emotional for me but ALL the staff were so supportive and understanding it made a huge difference for me. I learned a lot about my money management skills and my resilience.
Thank you!


Compassionate and Understanding beyound expectations

I have found the staff at Paul J. Pickering Limited Trustee to be nicer, compassionate and understanding beyond any expectations. They made my situation a lot less terrifying and helped me make sense of my financial matters. I would absolutely refer this trustee. They also helped me for my future prosperity to be healthy.
Thank You.


You and your staff are truly #1!

You treat your clients as humans, not a number. you have your clients best interest at all times and answer any questions honestly. Make your client feel good about themselves and do not judge your client.
Will give your name and number to anyone who needs a Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Paul, You and your staff are truly #1.
Thank you,



Thank you Paul and all your staff for helping me to be a better person. I am now stress free.. I am now being careful about money. You and your staff were my life line. Thank you



Thanks for the cooperation in this matter.


You made me feel very comfortable with my decision.

You made me feel very comfortable about a decision I should have done 2 years prior. Your staff is top notch. Keep up the great work. D.


We are very happy with your service

We are very happy with your service. Thanks for all your support.


We were very pleased with our dealings with your staff.

We were very pleased with our dealings with Paul & all his staff. They understood how humiliating it can be to have to claim bankruptcy. They were professional and non-judgmental as well as friendly & helpful. We would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone else who is in the situation we were in.


Just make the call....You'll feel better!

I would recommend Paul J. Pickering Limited for helping me through a stressful time due to changes in employment that brought financial pressure beyond my means and then a cancer diagnosis and treatment to go through. It was a relief to have their friendly understanding and sound advice to help me through this rough time. They were happy to answer questions that arose at times through the bankruptcy period, well after my consultation. I would recommend anyone feeling they need advice/ help with financial pressures to call.


From the first meeting we knew we were in good Hands

A long time friend recommended Paul as we were having financial problems as a result of 2 car accidents. From the first meeting we felt comfortable with Paul's staff and that we were in good hands. We were treated with respect at all times. Any questions we had were dealt with promptly and the advice and results are comforting. We highly recommend Paul and his associates for helping us get back on track.



You guys made a very embarrassing, personal and devastating experience comfortable. Thanks, K.R


We were extremely satisfied.

We were extremely satisfied with all the proceedings. Everything was handled very professionally and I personally cannot say enough about the emotional support we received throughout this ordeal. Thank you Paul, Brenda, Cavan and all the associates at the office for their support.

G R & E R

Special Thanks

Don- Thanks for your positive, encouraging support through this process. Brenda- Thanks for your kind ear and valuable information and guidance. Thank you!!

G. C

Thank you for your professionalism!

Paul, I would like to start by thanking you & Don & Brenda for all of your help with the bankruptcy. Your advice and guidance helped immensely during a very trying time. Once again, thanks for your professionalism in this matter. Regards, J.C


Topnotch Service

Professional, patient, and non-judgmental. - we couldn't have hoped for better service from more caring people!


Very Professional and Understanding

Very professional and understanding service. Paul and his staff were very knowledgeable about the bankruptcy procedures. They made a hard situation easier and less stressful. Than you Paul Pickering & Staff.

D. D

Thanks fo rmaking a difficult situation much easier!

Thanks so much to Paul, Cavan & Staff for making a difficult situation much easier to deal with. You came well recommended, and I am glad to say I felt comfortable and confident dealing with your company. Many Thanks, -L.H

L. H

Thank you for my new life!

Thank you so much to Paul, Cavan, Don & Brenda. You have made this process stress free. I was overwhelmed with debt until my daughter suggested bankruptcy. I was dubious at first, I didn't want to lose my car, but if I'm being honest, that was what was pulling me down. I am so glad I did.
Today I am so much happier, friends say I look younger and I owe all that to the caring way Paul's office staff handled me and helped me through my stressful, embarrassing situation.
Thank you for my new life.


Pleasant Experience

I have had a pleasant experience working with the staff at Paul J. Pickering Limited. They have been kind, understanding, and very helpful with the situation I fell into. Bankruptcy is a huge decision and sometimes no other choice. I am happy I made this decision. The relief from haunting bill collections after my income changed has lowered my stress level tremendously and has abled my overall health concerns easier to deal with. Also has taught me to budget more appropriately, to be aware of every dollar spent and to live without credit. A special thank you to Don and Brenda.


I was a little scared to ask for help.

I would like to say I was a little scared to ask for help. Everyone was very helpful from yourself to everyone in your office. If there was anything needed help with all I had to do was call the office and they were more than happy to help me want to thank everyone in the office.
Thank you very much. RF
P.S. I just can't explain how nice it is to not have to worry of paying the bills anymore.

R. F

Very Friendly Service

Very friendly service from all in the office. Any questions I had were always answered right away. Very impressed with all the help I received.


Thank you for your help with our problems.

We want to thank you for your help with our problems. I enjoyed seeing, Mrs. Pickering every month when I came in to the office.

E.A, N.A

The personal experience from your office was more than to be expected.

I would like to express my appreciation to Paul Pickering's office for the assistance given during my bankruptcy. I would also personally thank Don Baruth for his assistance and guidance and always answering questions immediately. The personal experience from your office was more than to be expected. Thank you again - L.W

L. W

Best Trustee Ever

If you are seeking financial advice, Paul is the one to see! He makes you feel comfortable about a difficult situation and puts you at ease as he deals with your questions. Paul is very knowledgeable, personable and is "on your side." We are so grateful for his support! Best trustee ever!

J and D

Knowledgeable, helpful and non-judgemental.

Everyone at Paul Pickering office is knowledgeable, helpful and non-judgmental. Thank you!

S. V, J. V

consumer proposal

Thanks very much for your help.It was a good experience for both my husband and I, which gave us a well needed mental relief. I am sure that if you had not helped us we would be among the divorce statistics. Thanks again for your help.


Best experience I have ever

Paul Pickering and his associates where quick to help me with my problem, a very special thanks to Don Baruth, he was very pleasant and easy to talk to without any judgment he took care of everything for me and continued to help me with my problem until it was settled. Best experience I have ever


Very knowledgable office

My experience with Paul J. Pickering and Associates was truly amazing. They made me feel so comfortable each time I went into the office, they were very knowledgable and very sympathetic to the problems I had. My bankruptcy could not have gone smoother. Thank you very much


Many Thanks

Paul & Staff,
Thank you for your compassionate & personal service. You all made a difficult time easier.
Many thanks,


You changed my life!

You changed my life. The first thing Cavan said was "How can I Help you?" And he did. Then Paul added to me feeling of hope that I might be okay and get out of this mess I was in. I received nothing but kindness, understanding, encouragement and clear instructions on how to go forward. I am sleeping and my stress level is so much less- and no panic-inducing bills at the end of the month. I now can make a fresh start, make better decisions and be in control of my life. Thank you for your amazing help.



You are the BEST.

J. V

Always available for questions or concerns

The Pickering family makes you feel like family. They don't make you feel like you are being judged in any way. They are always available for any questions or concerns. I would like to thank you so much for all your help and support.


Staff was friendly and helpful

I am thankful for your superb help and acknowledgment of my situation. Allowing for my support family to be with me every step of the way was fantastic. Thank you for your monthly management forms, they really helped to budget my life. Thank you again and again. your staff was friendly and helpful.

G. V

Thank You

A big Thank you to Paul Pickering for helping me in my time of a big financial stress I encountered and for showing lots of patience.
Thank you again!


Great Service

Great Service - Thank you!
Any questions were easily answered.
Very nice company to work with!

D. L

Kind People

Pleased with everything. Kind, generous people and happy with everything.


Very Professional and Pleasant.

I was very pleased with your professional service. Everything was handled very well and everyone was very pleasant with me when I had to come to your office.

L. O

Thanks to all your staff!

My thanks to all your staff, for helping me through this very difficult time. Don made me feel very comfortable through the whole process.
Thank you all so very much.

J. K

Regaining Confidence!

Facing bankruptcy and losing my home of many years, together with unexpected life issues, brought me to my lowest point in my life. I was embarrassed and scared of what would be and needed help to turn this around. I am a single parent and have never failed my child and felt down that I would need to admit that this had occurred.
After meeting with Cavan and discussing my financial situation, I went from feeling lost and a failure (although a very hard worker as a parent and my career) to regaining confidence once a plan was in place. Your team was patient and non-judgmental and always listened. You kept me on the path of being hopeful of regaining financial peace with some dedication and hard work. I am overjoyed that u have reached my discharge although I felt supported and became comfortable being accountable to your team. Thank you for supporting me and assisting me over the last couple of years, I have learned valuable life lessons on who to deal with and whom not to, and live within my means.
Thank you Paul Pickering and especially my mentor Cavan!


Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your caring, empathetic and professional staff treating me like a human being during this tough time. I had to file bankruptcy due to an accident I was in and the length of time it takes to settle accidents in this province. I would have preferred to be able to pay my debt however that wasn't an option and I was devastated both by my medical issues and my financial stress.

Your staff made my decision less of a burden on me and made me feel less embarrassed by it. They walked me through the process and dealt with me as a person who deserved respect even though I myself felt like I didn't. There was never a moment I was treated poorly or looked down upon.

They went above and beyond in several areas to make the process smooth and seamless. I highly recommend all of them to others.

Thank you so much.
Many blessings to you all,


Thanks for your help and advice.

From our first appointment, we were treated professionally and not meant to feel ashamed, because of our financial problems. With your help and advice we were able to complete our proposal early, within 2.5 years. Now onto building credit and a better financial future.
Thank you so much, great firm to work with.

N. H

Thank you

Thank you for all your help. It was a long 4 years but smooth and no problems. I will recommend you to all friends and family if needed!
Thanks again!


Thanks for the guidance and Courage

Dear Mr. Pickering: Even though we met under unpleasant circumstance, I will say it was a blessing to meet you.
You and your staff gave me guidance and courage to face all problems and try to get back on my two feet.
God help and keep you healthy.


So greatful

I want to thank you for giving my life back. You were the only guy that would touch mine because of the little I could afford to pay but you did and I am so grateful thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Highly Recommended!

Highly Recommended!

B. L

Huge weight lifted!

Thank you for all your help. We feel a huge weight has been lifted.


Respect & Compassion

Just would like to mention that the staff treats everyone with respect and compassion.
Thanks for everything.


Very Kind and Respectful

I would like to thank all the staff for all your support at this time. Everyo9ne treated me with respect and all very kind when I needed to ask questions.

N. P

Thank You

Thank you for all your help & quick responses!!

A. C

Professional and Expert service

I have recommended several times, your company, as a result of your professional & expert services, in the City of London, Ontario.


Can't thank you enough!

You guys are an amazing bunch, you helped me out so much, I can't thank you enough!


Efficient, confidential and convenient.

This service was timely, efficient, confidential and convenient at a very stressful time. Much appreciated.

A. M

Great People!

Thanks to Paul Pickering & Staff for making life better.
Great People!


Very Courteous.

Thank you for your assistance. Your office personnel was very courteous. I would recommend your company.


Paul J. Pickering Ltd eliminated my debt

Paul J. Pickering Ltd eliminated my debt with a strategy for starting fresh without a need for debt. They provided guidance with a budget using a money monitor. I estimated what my budget would be after the money was spent every month. I heartily commend the work of Paul Pickering Ltd in fixing my bankruptcy.

R. A


Very Professional.


Caring, Supportive, Efficient and Respectful

Communications were always shared in a fashion that was concise and free of excess jargon. Questions were fielded with integrity and answered in such a way that reassured the client. A number of options pertinent to managing the financial challenges were presented in keeping with the associates knowledge of the most reliable and successful option in managing the problem. Throughout the scheduled meetings with the associates, pertinent to arriving at a successful conclusion, all staff were caring, supportive , efficient and respectful.


Kind, Helpful and Understanding

Paul and all of his associates were very kind, helpful and understanding. They helped us to resolve our debt issues while keeping our dignity intact. We are very grateful!
Thank you!


Many Thanks

Thanks so much to Paul, Cavan & Staff for making a difficult situation much easier to deal with. You came well recommended and I am glad to say I felt comfortable and confident in dealing with your company.
Many thanks! L.H

L. H

You made me fee settled!

Dear Paul and Don:
Thank you so much for helping me during one of the most difficult times in my life, It was both emotional and degrading for me. However in talking with and meeting with yourself and Don. You made me feel settled. You answered my many questions and set me on a path to recovery. I am forever in your debt. I will recommend you to any that need help.
Thank you again,
Sincerely P.S!


I appreciate everything you have done for me!

Wow!!! I just wish I did that before. You helped me in every aspect of my life, I can say how much I appreciate everything you have done for me!
Thank you!!!


Put me at ease and made me feel comfortable

This was as pleasant an experience as a bad situation could be.
The sensitivity of the financial counselor , the Trustee and staff put me at ease and made me feel comfortable going through the bankruptcy process,
Apparently, my cross border situation was rare, but with the seamless correspondence I couldn't tell my situation doesn't happen often.
I look forward to the future, and applying my budgeting skills to lead me to financial freedom.
Thanks to Paul Pickering and team.


Helped me Out

Thank you very much to all the staff at Paul J Pickering and Associates. it's been a long 4 1/2 years. It helped me out a lot .thanks again


Highly Recommended

My many thanks to you Mr. Paul and your staff for helping me through a very difficult time, and treating me like a human being through the whole process. Thank you Mr. Pickering. I will highly recommend your company.

S. B

Huge burden lifted off of my shoulders

I would like to say without hesitation the moment I picked up the phone and called Paul Pickering's office, it was like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I was not alone. The staff are so friendly and reassuring and my meeting with Paul was very professional and I was treated with dignity and respect. Paul helped and guided me through the proposal at all times and the decision making was mine. If I needed to call the office with any questions, everyone was very helpful and supportive and really showed interest in my well being.
I am so appreciative to Paul Pickering and his Team.
Thanks everyone, we will miss you.


Thanks to Everyone!

Our thanks goes out to everyone on the Pickering Team, but most of all to Don Baruth. He made the whole situation a very comfortable environment to understand and to finalize our position. Thanks Again!


Aprreciate the Help!

I appreciate all the financial advice that Paul J. Pickering and Associates have given me.


Easy to talk to and non judgmental.

Paul and his staff are just fantastic. They are easy to talk to and non judgmental. They simplified a very complicated time of my life,
Thanks to Paul and his team.


Helpful and Nice

From the first meeting, they talked us through the procedures and made our lives easier. Everyone was helpful and nice.
Thank you!


I had a hard time making the call for help!

I felt like I had failed. The people at Paul J. Pickering were kind, informative and helped me through the process.
I was given informative information on budgeting and hot to proceed after the discharge. I am a senior and when my husband died 6 years ago, I was left with just my government pension. I used my line of credit and credit cards for day to day living. I will never do that again!
Thank you Andrew and Don and Staff!


Knowledgeable & Compassionate

Thank you so much to Paul, Cavan and Brenda! You were all a tremendous help and got me through bankruptcy smoothly. I appreciate your reassurance regarding the stigma surrounding bankruptcy. Your knowledge, compassion and humour set you apart and I would recommend your service without hesitation to anyone.
Thank you again!
Warm Regards!


Everyone at this office unerstands and cares!

At this stressful time in my life, the staff at your office Paul were excellent. They explained things so I had a correct understanding and on other times they joked with you. Everyone at this office understands and cares for their clients.
I will always recommend this office if someone needs information regarding their financial challenges in their life.



Sensitive to your needs!
A great support Team.


Knowledgeable and Understanding

I was under a lot of pressure financially when I went to see the people at Paul J. Pickering and Associates Limited. We discussed my options and decided on a plan of action. their knowledge and understanding relieved me of all that stress and worry. I would recommend them to anyone going through financial difficulty.

D. G

Always available and never made me fee ashamed

From the very first phone call. to the moment I walked through the office door, Paul and staff made me feel welcome and completely at ease. All of the options available to me were discussed in full and I am 100% satisfied with the financial route I chose. They were always available to assist with any questions I had, and never made me feel ashamed of my situation.
Thanks guys,
You've been Great!


Many Thanks

Many thanks for your support when I needed it to make a new and better choice for my life direction.

K. W

Thank you!

Thank you for all your help and support. You weren't judgmental and took a lot of stress off of our family.


A sincere thank you!

To Paul & All Staff-
A heart felt thank you for all your time, patience and guidance.
Your understanding of our feelings during 'this time' has made it all feel acceptable.
A sincere thank you!



Thank you so for your help & guidance. It was a privilege to work with Paul Pickering & Team. A special thank you to Abby for your follow up & conversation throughout the 5 years when I needed assistance.


The staff were friendly and kind!

First meeting- I was very overwhelmed as my life changed drastically when my mother was put in a hospital for the 2nd time that year. Then to nursing home. The debts that had been both our responsibilities- now were solely mine.
Meeting with Cavan- he was very friendly and sympathetic to my situation. He recognized how embarrassed I was and put me at ease during our information session. Meetings that followed taught me about budgets and money management. I learned some valuable tips to live within my budget and how I can adjust my spending and be aware of my money and where it goes. The staff were very friendly and kind. Never was I made to feel uncomfortable in the situation I found myself in. I would recommend them easily if any were in a difficult circumstance for help in areas of finance.
Thank you so much for your help. πŸ™‚


Great People

Great group of people to work with.


Exceptional Service!

Outstanding compassionate service. Made me feel as though I was not alone and not to be embarrassed. Exceptional service. Highly recommend to anyone. Wonderful personnel.



Thanks for you help. You were great to deal with.


Kind and Understanding!

I had a very good experience working with you. Thank you for being kind and understanding.


A Second Chance!

To be given a second chance at being debt-free is an amazing feeling. Thank you for all you have done for me. Debt-free is stress-free. You all did a great job and gave great advice.
Thank you.

B. W

Everyone at your office was great!

Thank you for helping us through this. Everyone we met at your office was great. Cavan was amazing! He never made us feel like we were "less" because of the situation we were in.
Thank you again, and we hope we never need your services!!! πŸ™‚


Kindest man

Dealing with Paul Pickering is a real honour. He is the kindest man at heart. It is a pleasure working with him and his staff and they are willing to go on and above all needs necessary to fulfill any questions and concerns you may have.
Thank you kindly.
D. E


Thank You

I would like to thank you for going over and above your duty to help my son out. It is very much appreciated




Amazing group of people. Thank you for all your help. I highly recommend you.



From the moment you walk thru the door you are treated with dignity and respect. Thanks to all for your help and support.



Excellent Customer Service. WB


Thank You

To All Staff at Paul J. Pickering and Associates Limited I really appreciate you being supportive and understanding during my past bankruptcy. You all made me feel comfortable during that difficult time. Thank you. B.C.


Great Help

Best help I ever got - see Don. Sending more people for help. J.C.


Great Team

I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with in order to get back on my feet again. Very helpful at all time either by phone or email. Thank you Paul and team. SB


Better Than Excellent

I would like to say my experience with Paul J. Pickering and Associates Limited was better than excellent. The staff was awesome at understanding and comforting me in this troubled period. As a crane operator I never imagined I would ever had been in this situation. My wife and I struggled with this taking me to my wits end. My wife told me to contact your firm to get help. In doing so there were options to rectify my situation. Thanks to the staff I am able to manage my finances so i can move on with my life. Thanks Again to the staff. WD



I feel so free. I like answering the phone again. I showed up in Cavan's office in January, a crying, embarrassed shell of myself. He helped me make the decision to file bankruptcy and I am so thankful. My financial worries are gone and that has helped in every other aspect of my life. Thank you for helping me through this process AB


Very Helpful

They have been very helpful. Very kind from the beginning. Helped us through difficult times and helped us reduce our debts greatly. Highly Recommended. Thank you J & L

J & L

Excellent Job

Very Happy with everything that was done. Excellent Job. R & D W

R & D W

Don is a Great Guy

I found Paul Pickering & Associates were very helpful & pleasant through out the whole experience. Very professional and courteous which made things almost painless. Thanks Don, you are a great guy and thank you to the entire staff. C. O.

C. O.

Greatly Appreciated

When a business can no longer operate, how reassuring it is to know your company is there to explain and advise the options available. Thank you for guiding us through this stressful time - your help, kindness and patience were greatly appreciated. So glad we chose Paul J. Pickering & Associates Limited. P.S.

P. S.

10 out of 10

10 out of 10 and 5 bright shining stars. Best advice, best service, best all around. Thanks πŸ™‚ L. M.

L. M.

Excellent Customer Service

Service has been wonderful. Excellent customer service, helpful, understanding, informative, would definitely recommend P. J. Pickering to others.


Lots of care and helpful information

I totally appreciated the care and helpful information. Whenever i did not understand something someone was always available to assist me. I am grateful for your assistance, this process was very easy to comply with.
Thank you to all of the staff.

B. M


Very Good Service

D. P.

Thank you

I was very pleased with the service I received. All of the staff were kind and very helpful. Also the education sessions on budgeting were helpful. Thank you for helping me to "get back on my financial feet".

S. S.

Relief and Calm

The worst time of my life came when I finally accepted the fact that I was drowning in debt and there was no way to get out. I met with Paul and his associates and there was a calm that came over me immediately. There was never anything but understanding shown by them and they proceeded to show me that there were solutions and they helped me through it all. The phone calls stopped immediately and they helped me get my life back on track. Thank you!!!!!


Very friendly and understanding

My experience with Paul J. Pickering was a very positive one. The staff I met were all very friendly and understanding and made me feel comfortable while discussing my situation.
I take this time in thanking the staff for helping me through this difficult time.
Thanks again πŸ™‚
I. R

I. R

I would recommend their services to anyone suffering financial difficulties.

I was pleased with all aspects of the services provided by Paul & his staff. I would recommend their services to anyone having financial difficulties.
Thank you so much for all your help.


Saved my life!

Saved my life. I am not only in financial recovery following my experience with your company, but I have the room to recover my health., which is the most important thing for me to move forward.
Thank you,



Paul J. Pickering & Associates are the upmost professionals. I would highly recommend this expert team.

J. P

Appreciated your profesionalism and kindness

I found Paul J. Pickering and Associates very kind and helpful. They made me feel that I had chosen the right path to help me get my finances back on track after financial distress when I assisted my son etc..... Thank you!! I sincerely appreciated your professionalism and kindness!


Excellent service, extremely professional

Exceptional service. Paul Pickering and Cavan Cottell went over and above meeting my expectations. I was walked through the process, and they took the time to explain how Bankruptcy would affect me, so I could make an informed decision if Bankruptcy was what I needed to do, as well as educating me on what I needed to do to effectively rebuild after my bankruptcy. I was able to understand the consequences of Bankruptcy and what the next step would be. Paul Pickering & Associates did a great job, of educating me about my credit and my finances, and helping to rebuild my future. I highly recommend them!


Made me feel at ease and comfortable.

The staff are always very friendly & professional. They made me feel more at ease & comfortable. I was quite an emotional mess when I first walked through their doors. Grateful for their understanding & guidance throughout the entire duration of my bankruptcy. SS


Regret not doing this sooner!

I regret not doing this sooner.
Putting it off just creates stress, sleepless nights and the future looks gloomy.
The counseling sessions were informative and very helpful to manage money and make goals for the future.

W. C

Nice to know that there is help

I was so far in debt that I thought I would never get out. Then I had emergency surgery and was off work for 5 months, It was very stressful. Paul Pickering helped me see a way out with a Consumer Proposal and I am now debt free and have learned how to manage my income and spending better. It's nice to know that there is help. D.R


Thank you for everything you've done for me; It was a life-changing event.

When I walked into the office of Paul Pickering over five years ago, I was a different person than I am today. There is a certain amount of fear and shame associated with this process. Through sitting down with Mr. Pickering & Staff- the trepidation I felt that day was soon eased by the professionalism, kindness and reassurance that you brought to me that day. I am now retired- money in my pocket and free of the heavy burden of debt. Thank you for everything you've done for me; It was a life-changing event.


Professional and friendly!

Thank you so much for your professional guidance through a very difficult time. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and quick responding to any concerns. I appreciate all the help and support.
All the Best!



I would just like to say thank you for removing this huge weight off my shoulders and getting back on track.
Thanks, RB



Over the past five (5) years Paul Pickering Ltd. has provided us with caring and professional guidance in overcoming our debt dilemma.

This nightmare was brought about by one company, whose account we were systematically paying, decided to demand payment in full. Through Paul Pickering we discovered that the account had been sold to other lenders several times.

We are forever grateful for your assistance in overcoming our difficult situation after losing employment and our dwelling place all at the same time. We could not have accomplished the completion of our debt payment without your help.

THANK YOU to you and your staff for your exceptional service and understanding.

E T and L J M

Very professional

Very professional and understanding. Went out of their way to help to a good outcome.


Treated with Kindenss, Dignity and Respect

On all occasions I was treated kindly, with dignity and respect by all employees. Thank you for your kindness and assistance through a very difficult time. L.C


Very Helpful

Your company and associates are very appreciated for helping me in this bankruptcy. I appreciated Andrew for the counseling and he was very helpful for everything.

D. U

As painless as possible

You did a tremendous job and made this humbling procedure as painless as possible. Thank you so much. P.B


Moving Forward With Less Stress

Paul J. Pickering and employees are a great company to have work for you. Everything was smooth and easy. Every time I had a question, I received an answer right away. I am now debt free and moving forward with less stress.


Huge weight off my shoulders

Thank you so much. You all made this easy and comfortable. A huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you, TC


Thank you for helping me

Thank you for helping take care of a very stressful part of my life. You made me feel at ease throughout this, and handled everything professionally. I thank you very much. W.S


Very respectful and Professional

We found Paul Pickering and Associates very respectful and professional in helping us with our debt issues. They negotiated with our best interests in mind. Counseling sessions were helpful. We appreciated your help. H. M & D. M


A very professional firm to deal with.

I would recommend Paul Pickering & Firm for anyone going through this ordeal. They made it comfortable for me. A very professional firm to deal with. F.A

F. A

Qualified Personnel

My case has been handled with professionalism and caring. You lowered my stress as much as possible. Many thanks to the qualified personnel from Paul Pickering and Associates Limited. L.P


Extremely Helpful

Paul and his team were a delight to deal with. They were extremely helpful. Thanks to Paul and his team. S.A



Thanks for everything. You brought me through a very difficult period in my life. C.F


Always Professional, Courteous and Understanding.

I have found Paul J. Pickering & Associates a pleasure to deal with. Always professional, courteous and understanding. Thank you for your help.


Thank you for removing the stress from my life!

Thank you for never making me feel like a failure, talking out options and removing a stress from my life that was incredible. I highly recommend you to anyone I know who is struggling.


Fantastic Staff

A very professional team. A big shout out to Abby for her fantastic and fast responses. When I had unforeseen expenses, Abby worked with me to change my monthly payment dates. The team made this a very smooth and stress free process for me. I would highly recommend this trustee.


Treated me with respect!

I would just like to thank everyone in the office especially Don & Paul for treating me with the utmost respect. They treated me like a person that was in a bad situation and made my bankruptcy as smooth and an easy transition. Thank you again. JB


Very pleasant to deal with.

I was very pleased with the process involved with my bankruptcy. All staff that I met with were very pleasant and did not treat me like a criminal. Hopefully I hope that I will never need you again. P.W


Excellent Service

Thank you to the team for helping me through such a rough time in my life. The entire process really helped me gain more financial control over my life and all of the work they did really made me fee like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.


Thanks for your help.

Paul helped me from the beginning, he helped to set my mind at ease. Thanks for your help. Extra thanks to Abby for helping me along the way.


Very Helpful

I think the company is very resourceful and helpful in learning about bankruptcy. -Y.T


Informative, Understanding and Compassionate

You all have made this stressful process much less stressful because you are informative, understanding and compassionate. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sincerely KW


Thank You

Thank you so much for making my financial life so much better. With the debt I reduced, I was able to carry on so much easier.


Helped me see a clear future

Due to unfortunate circumstances we had to do a consumer proposal. You treated us with respect and dignity. Thank you for all your help and carrying on our lives with no weight on our shoulders. Words are not enough to thank you. You helped us see a clear future. DH


You made this difficult time seem much easier.

Thank you so much for all your help. You made this difficult time seem so much easier. Very professional and will recommend to others. Thanks


Thank you for all your help.

Thank you for all your help. I was embarrassed and nervous to start this process and you all made me comfortable and did not judge me. M.A


Thank you. You made my life worth living again.

Dear Mr. Pickering, Thank you so much for helping me with my finances. I was really stressed out before talking to you. I didn't know what to do, I was paying 24% interest on my bills. I felt so much better after talking to you. You made my life worth living again knowing my bills were taken care of. Thank you again. J.B


Kind & Helpful

Thank you for helping me with my bankruptcy, you were very kind & helpful. I've been sick with cancer and I can't lift more than 5 pounds so it has been a relief for me to not have to worry about this anymore. J.F

J. F

Professional and easy to talk to.

Thank you so very much for all the help and support you gave and showed. Your team is professional, easy to talk to, never felt less than a person, always reassuring and allowing me to sleep at night. Again, Thank you. CK


Helpful and made us feel comfortable

Everyone there was very helpful. All of our questions were always answered to the fullest. It was a big decision for us to make but you all made us feel comfortable and taught us how to get back on our feet. Thank you. KS


Definitely a quality Business and Staff!

During a very difficult time, Paul and his staff always made us feel comfortable, took the time to explain everything and always welcomed us with a smile. Definitely a quality business and we would recommend their office to all. GS


Service is Profesional and Respectful!

I was impressed with the professionalism and respect the way my situation was handled. Any requests or changes that I needed to make were always done efficiently and accurately. I would highly recommend this firm to handle any financial transactions on your behalf. Their service is topnotch! L.K


I am now in a much better position and looking forward to a brighter financial future.

I am so grateful to Paul Pickering and Associates for their understanding and support during a very difficult time in my life. I was overwhelmed and embarrassed with my financial situation. I am now in a much better position and looking forward to a brighter financial future. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of assistance and guidance. Sincerely, Thank you again!

V. G

Kind, Respectful and Helpful! I Highly Recommend them!

I am very grateful for Paul Pickering and all his staff for being so kind, respectful and helpful. It was humbling enough to have to go through bankruptcy. They made it a painless process, guiding me through the entire procedure. I'm so relieved to have a fresh start to my financial life, leaving the past behind. I highly recommend them. M.M

M. M

Stress Free and Happy!

Thanks so much to Paul J & Associates. Mornings, days and evenings are enjoyable again. Stress free and happy!


Thank you for being understanding!

I was skeptical at first but when I had my first conversation with Paul he made me feel comfortable by making things clear and easy. Thank you for your understanding. If I come across someone in the same situation I am, I would recommend your office for help.


Changed our lives. Should have done it sooner!

Making the decision to make an appointment with Paul Pickering and Associates Limited changed our lives. The staff: Cavan, Abby, Brenda & Paul Pickering himself allowed us to keep our dignity through every step of the way to become debt-free. We clearly could not have done this without their guidance & support . Our only regret is that we should have contacted Paul Pickering's office sooner and saved ourselves years of worry.


Thank you

What began as one of the most stressful situations in my life turned into a manageable plan for the future, thanks to Paul Pickering and his knowledgeable staff.


Thank you

Thank you for all your assistance throughout this process. All the best!! RC


Thanks for all your help and support

Very happy with the service provided to me. They made it easy and hassle free and they helped me clear my debt. I would recommend to anyone with debt problems this is the place to go to. Thanks for all the help and support getting my finances back on track. J.T


Very Thorough and Professional

I found Paul Pickering & Associates to be very thorough, professional, confidential and giving guidance and advice as required. Thank you, J.M


Thank you for your professional expertise.

Cavan and Paul, Thank you for your professional expertise. I appreciate your patience with all my questions throughout the process. I also appreciate your insight and wisdom that helped me get through the process onto the 'other side'. I am happy with my decision- your help got me here- Thank you!!


Thank You

Your team made our lives easier by assisting us with our difficult situation. whenever I had any questions, I would just contact our representative and she was very helpful. Thank you for treating us professionally and allowing us to reach a better place. H.H


Finally able to breathe!

Thank you for your support during our most difficult financial struggle. It is nice to finally breathe easy and be debt free.

M & E

Great Service

Thank you for the great service provided and assistance all the way and guidance in completing the requirements to get the Certificate. Sincerely yours. GW


Changed our lives!

My wife and I were in deep financial troubles back in 2013. A friend recommended that we get in touch with Paul Pickering to see if there was anything he could do to help alleviate the mounting pressure. We set up a meeting and within a very short period of time our options were laid out for us. Once we started the proposal our life changed dramatically. Now here we are, five years later and we are not only on better financial ground but we were taught steps to take so we will never go back to the financial ruin we were in. Thank you to Paul Pickering and his staff of dedicated people who have changed our lives for the better.


Thank you

Thank you so much for your help! It finally gives us a chance to breathe again. You gave us a lot of help and now we can move forward in peace. Thank you again. A & M

A & M

Very Helpful!

It was a pleasure to work with you. Paul & Abby were wonderful and very helpful. Thanks

D & B

Thanks for giving us a second chance!

We very much appreciate the consistent support, the 'easy to understand' options that were presented to us and the friendly service! Thank you for giving us a second chance to better credit.

A & J

A big thank you!

As a client of Paul J. Pickering and associates, I have nothing but praise for the service they provided for me n the circumstances which prevailed. They were most helpful and handled my case with the utmost professionalism at every stage. A big thank you to Don and indeed all of the staff. Thank you again.

C. T

Thanks for helping me when I needed it.

I had a very great experience with your company. You were understanding when I needed to postpone payments. Thanks again for helping me out when i needed it. T.N


Friendly and Very Helpful

Everything about Paul J. Pickering is awesome. Friendly and very helpful. I wish to thank Paul and his team on helping with my debt. Thanks, TD


Invaluable support and service!

What a relief?!!! The guidance, support and service of Paul Pickering and Associates Limited has been both instructive and invaluable. The counseling about money management and budgeting has enabled me to fare post-bankruptcy with hope. Trusting that the skills which I have learned will stand me in good stead. Any questions have been answered clearly so that I have been able to understand the process. You and your staff have been compassionate and understanding throughout. Thank you, Gratefully, FN


Right Choice

The staff at Paul J Pickering guide you through what is very difficult time for any adult. I needed the relief that was provided through consultation process. The biggest factor for me was that it was recommend that I go with a Consumer Proposal. It made the most sense and it did not affect my vehicle, my home or money I had in RRSP’s. I had a monthly payment that was manageable for the five years to work towards eliminating my debt. I was able to get a secure credit card for $500 with a security deposit of $500, which was later increased to $1500 limit. However, you are mostly using cash to pay bills and expenses. Which help you to focus on keeping your spending in check. The staff at Paul J Pickering, have been supportive, understanding and extremely knowledgeable in the whole process of dealing with my debt, the problems it was causing me and ultimately helping me to become debt free. JL


Excellent service

I was nervous and apprehensive to go through this process but Cavan and Don made it very easy. They showed me compassion and respect at a time when I was at my lowest. It seemed like a long process but was worth it in the end. I feel confident moving forward now with my financial future because of the counselling I received. Even the receptionist was always smiling and not once did I feel judged by anyone. As much as I appreciate all they did for me I find this weird to say but I hope I am never a customer again. Lol I would recommend anyone seeking professional help to go here.


Life is so much better now.

I would just like to thank you so much for the help you gave me. Life is so much better without the stress of wondering how to pay my credit cards every month. I should have done it much sooner. Once again, my thanks and gratitude. Sincerely, L.H


Thank you.

Would like to thank you all very much for helping me get myself straightened out. For many years, I was paying the minimum amount due and because it was so high, I never had any credit available. Now I have my life back. Thank you, L F



Thank you to all of you at Paul Pickering and Associates. I found my life and dignity back. There is nothing like financial peace. Cavan and Don were especially helpful to me. Thanks again. L.W


Helped me through a tough time.

PJP were helpful, knowledgeable and efficient! They really make you feel like a human being while they help you through a tough time. I highly recommend using their services if you need getting back on track. L.M


Thank you

Thank you Paul and Associates! You were always there when i had questions and were very helpful through this process. -RP

R. P

Compassionate, Caring and Reassuring

Most importantly, it's how we feel at the moment of financial stress/ breakdown. Never once did you make me feel like it was my fault. Paul J. Pickering and Associates are compassionate, caring and always had a reassuring smile. Thank you, H. D


Very Knowledgeable and Accommodating

All who I had contact with were very knowledgeable and accommodating. It is a stressful process but the team made it less so and without judgement. Thanks. -KM



Thanks to Paul Pickering's office for helping me through this situation. Without their help, life would have been very difficult. Thanks again. K. B


Thank you

Polite, Great Help. Thank you.

Thank you

Very Happy with Service

I am very happy with the services that Paul provided me. I found Paul Pickering and Associates to be very thorough and professional throughout this process. Thanks for all the help and support. It was appreciated.


Highly Recommended

I would, and have recommended you. Personable and lovely to deal with. Thank you for your kindness.

Very Professional and Knowledgeable!

Didn't make me fee like a failure due to circumstances beyond my control. Very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and kind. It was a very difficult time for me and my family and we were dealt with respectfully. Thank you.

Very Professional and Knowledgeable!

Amazing to work with!

Cavan and the team at Paul J. Pickering and associates were amazing to work with. We found a workable solution in what seemed like a hopeless situation. Managing our debt has definately improved our lives! Thanks for everything!

Amazing to work with!

I would like to say a special thank you to Cavan at Paul J. Pickering and Associates Limited. He explained everything in easy terms and words I could understand. Everyone at Paul J. Pickering and Associates were very polite and kind; from a great greeting at the front door to helping me in a tough ...Read More


To the staff, Thank you very much for all your help and guidance in this matter. Your time and effort were greatly appreciated. Your concern and kindness was like no either. Sincerely- L


Thank you. I planned on working until I was 70- But health problems got in the way. Without your help, I was in trouble. Thanks


Braedi was always kind and professional and holds the world record for he quickest phone answering and response time. Cavan was very compassionate and made it a very comfortable process. All the staff were very friendly. Thank you, J


Please let me thank you the Paul J. Pickering and Associates LTD. Professional financial team. From the beginning you guys teach me how I should become serious and handle my day to day finances for my future. Thanks, T W

Thank You

How do you say Thanks to the people who were good to you and gave you back your dignity? I was an experienced lender- I enjoyed a triple A credit and it was so hard to admit to Paul Pickering and Associates that I was a disaster. I was unable to sleep or concentrate. You did exactly what you said on ...Read More

Thank you

I felt like I was never alone in a very complicated financial situation. Everyone at the office were friendly and supported me every step of the way! Thank you very much for everything to get my life back on track. LC

Friendly and supportive and never made me feel alone

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