The 4 Types of Bankruptcy Discharges

November 25th, 2019
The 4 Types of Bankruptcy Discharges



Although most first and second time bankrupts are eligible for an Automatic Discharge with no Court involvement, some situations require that you attend Court in order to obtain a Discharge from Bankruptcy. If you are required to attent Court to finalize your bankruptcy then these are the options of the Court

Abosolute Discharge

This is the ideal situation. You are release from any obligation of the debts you incurred as of the date of your bankruptcy was filed, with some exceptions that are automatically excluded.

Conditional Discharge

You are required to fulfil certain obligations before you receive an absolute discharge.Often, this means you’ll have to pay some of your debts.

Suspended Discharge

These are basically absolute discharges that are not effective until a certain date. This can be due to things such as pending criminal investigations.

Refused Discharge

While it is rare, courts can refuse to give a discharge.