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  • The 4 Types of Bankruptcy Discharges
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Welcome to Paul J. PIckering

"We started this business in 1990 to provide one on one financial solutions. We are here to help you through your solution with dignity, respect and the highest confidence in your future."

- Paul J. Pickering CPA CA
Paul J. Pickering, C.A., and staff of Paul J. Pickering Limited have the experience and training to ensure that you understand the process and make a well informed decision regarding your financial future. There is no charge for the initial consultation. We will review all of the options available to allow you to make a decision on your own tailor made solution to your financial challenges.

Located at the corner of Hill and Waterloo Street by the old Victoria Hospital in the SOHO district of South London, there is ample parking available both through the onsite parking garage and meter parking on Hill Street right next to the building.