Staff Announcement

October 9th, 2013

It is with pleasure that Paul J. Pickering and the staff of Paul J. Pickering Limited wishes to announce that Don Baruth has joined the firm in a capacity of Estate Administrator. Don began his career on a track that included post-secondary studies in sociology & accounting coupled with experiences within the military. Don’s career progressed into various management positions in private industry and within the public sector. Over his private sector career, Don worked with and encouraged them to find innovative solutions to the challenges facing their respective operations. It is with the skills grown over almost two decades in various private enterprises that he then moved to the public sector within the federal taxation agency.

Within Canada Revenue Agency, Don acquired strong taxation, collections, insolvency knowledge & experience. Don then coupled this knowledge with his private sector abilities in order to progressively advance to more technical assignments as a complex case officer and then eventually to becoming a team leader. Over the past fifteen plus years he has met and partnered with many individuals and businesses with a resolve to find and develop workable solutions to their financial challenges. Until recently Don led the taxation insolvency team in Windsor/ London which is responsible for higher risk insolvency matters involving bankruptcy, proposal and a range of complex nuances. The focus of the groups work was strengthened in part by Don’s guidance and mentoring with a view to find a balance in terms of recovery, compromise and common sense.

Paul J. Pickering Limited welcomes Don to his new position and look forward to Don using his knowledge and resources to assist our clients in finding workable and common sense solutions to their financial difficulties.